Please be patient while creating and processing dense plots.

Functions: Create figure Figures created Jpeg’s created

The plot-program "Einstein" has been re-written in PHP. Now you can create your own illustrations of the sub-atomic world online.
While creating or manipulating a figure, please wait ’til the browser say’s it’s ready, which can take a minute in case you’re working on dense plots.

If you’ve created an interesting illustration which you want in highres you can send a note to [email protected] and at your request we’ll make a high resolution greyshade and multicolour illustration of your created figure.


Create figure: The place where you can input variables like how many db’s on a specific location in how large a space with what kind of resolution should be calculated according to the following formula:

Figures created: This is where your created figure ends up as a file. Here you can do post processing such as figuring out the range of curvature you would like to see on a particular scale and in the end have a jpeg to visualize the output of the calculated figure.

Jpeg’s created: This is the listing of the generated jpeg’s. Here you can see the output of your figures or that of others.

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