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After a short correspondence in which I explain my psychiatric psychoses in terms of body switching, the piece ‘Mono Ur - Dorisdorel’ begins.

It is about someone I have met in the spirit and the many things I have experienced from her and with her so far. Long ago she was given the title 'Mono Ur' (True to Earth) and her maiden name is Dorisdorel (which in a very ancient language means 'Part of God'). The story begins with our meeting and tells of the many things that developed over the years, both magical stories of what happened to me as memories of Lemuria and Atlantis, the time in which she lived. She was a special kind of 'Goddess', had eternal life and lived for just over 40,000 years. The story is also a search by me for understanding about what is going on and about why we met in the soul (again) and what that might mean for us.

Then follows a description of a theory that I (unconsciously with her) came up with and later elaborated on and expanded with a friend in ‘On Dark Matter and the Nature of Elementary Particles’. A basic formula provides the theoretical underpinnings for a pseudoscientific theory that includes a vindication of Einstein about that 'God does not play dice' by which he meant that quantum mechanics cannot be reality.

The story concludes with an afterword on Mono Ur.

Dutch language version: Een engel uit het Paradijs.pdf

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