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An important part of the main article contents of the section “Outline of observed conflicts within quantum mechanics” is based on “Review of Roland Omnés, The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics”, William Faris, November 1996. Insights on the universe were taken from the books “Het punt Omega”, John Gribbin, 1988 and “Galaxies in the Universe”, L.S. Sparke and J.S Gallagher III, 2007.

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The information on protons, neutrons, quarks, and the disassociation of particles is general information that can be found on Wikipedia. Below are shown some essential hyperlinks we've used to deepen the insights touched by the articles.

Albert Einstein

Aufbau principle

Big Bang

Case Study - Positron Emission Tomography

Centrifugal force

Christiaan Huygens

Dark Matter Nasa

Dark energy

Dark matter


Diffraction from a single slit. Young's experiment with finite slits

Electron shell

Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Free neutron decay


Hawking radiation

Isotopes of carbon

Isotopes of oxygen

James Webb Telescope

Lab-grown black hole proves Stephen Hawking's radiation claims – physicist

Magnetic field

Micro black hole

Moon Fact Sheet

Newton's law of universal gravitation

Niels Bohr

Photon energy

Proton decay

Riemann Sphere

Waves - Double slit Diffraction

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