Metric Science

By: Gerhard Jan Smit and Jelle Ebel van der Schoot, 21st January 2018.

In this article a particle is being presented that explains all known forces of nature. The particle has no dimensions, it is a dimensional basic particle. Hence it gets the following name: dimensional basic (db or dimensional basic) particle. The core of this discovery is that the separate fundamental forces of nature: - the strong interaction, the electromagnetic interaction, the weak interaction and the gravitational interaction - are calculatable with one formula out of one principle. The statistical math of the quantum theory is set aside in favor of a goniometric approach. Gravitation is the only force that matters and the strong force, the electromagnetic force and the weak force can be explained out of gravitation while gravity itself is only caused by the curvature of dimensional basics.

The formula for the extent of curvature around a dimensional basic is: formula (0)
In the formula: x,y,z are coordinates in spacetime [m], Kr = curvature [m-1].


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Program code (TXT):

dbmove.bas newton.cpp einstein.cpp

DB Physics

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